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I’d like to welcome you to this new website! We have a different idea on how web business should be done and who ultimately it should benefit.

Traditionally most development related web business is done where one party needs something created for their website and they reach out to a development company to build what they need. In this relationship the one who stands the most to benefit is the company doing the development work. Ultimately the goal is to do as much work as possible for you in order to get as much out of you as they can, while keeping it cost prohibitive to keep you from going somewhere else.  

I’ve seen this time and time again and recognize the need for this business model.  A company needs residual income to continue growth and increase profits.  I get that, but my question is what if there is a better way?  

This is not how it works here at The Internet Sensei.  Our goal is to work with you to find the most cost effective solution possible.  Even though this isn’t the most profitable model for us we hope it leads to greater success for our clients through our mentorship and reduced costs.

Our end goal is to build a relationships and grow together.  Because in the end helping you as a company succeed only helps us. As you grow your needs grow and so does our commitment to help fulfill those needs with the best and most cost-effective solutions possible.

The Internet Sensei will do this by not only providing you with affordable hosting but easy to use credits for personal mentoring and custom development work each month to go along with it.  This gives you flexibility to rely on us when you need us and keep your costs down and manageable.  

Let us help you! Please reach out using the Contact Form so we can see how we can use modern technology and the internet to lower your overhead and help your business grow!  

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